Privacy Policy

Semac processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act / GDPR.

What is personal information?
A personal information is information that can be associated with a person.

Semac’s responsibility
Semac processes Personal Data by being the Controller or Data Processor. This means that we are responsible for how the personal data is used and that the use is in accordance with the Personal Data Act / GDPR.

What is the purpose of Semac’s processing of personal data?

  • If you are an existing customer, we process the information to provide you support or deliver relevant products and services according to agreement
  • If you are a potential customer, we process the information to communicate with you further about our products and services
  • If the request is different, we process the information to respond to your request

What personal information does Semac process?
Semac only processes the personal information needed for the purpose, that is, only the information we need to be able to manage and perform our mission or respond to requests.

Where does the personal data come from?
The personal information we process is information we receive from customers, potential customers, suppliers, partners or that we collect through other sources.

Can Semac disclose the personal information to others?
Only Semac and some subcontractors have access to your personal data. We do not sell or otherwise share your information with third parties.

How long will personal data be stored?
Personal data in Semac is deleted at the earliest after 3 months and at the latest after 24 months depending on the agreements that are in place.

What rights do you have as a customer?
Your rights are governed by the Personal Data Act.

You have:

  • right to information about how Semac uses your personal information
  • right to demand that Semac deletes information about you that is no longer necessary for the purpose
  • the right to correct personal data that is incomplete or incorrect
  • the right to appeal against Semac’s processing of your personal data
  • the right to withdraw any consent
  • right to access the information Semac has about you
  • right to a copy of personal data being processed
  • the right to restrict the treatment that applies to yourself
  • the right to bring your own personal data (data portability)

If you ask Semac for access or wish to exercise other rights related to the processing of personal data, you are entitled to a reply within one month of the request being received. If we are unable to respond to you within a month, you will receive a preliminary response before the original deadline with information on the reason for the delay. In such cases, the deadline can be extended by two months.

Is personal information secure at Semac?
In order to protect personal data, we need to have a holistic approach to information security.

Therefore, Semac works in several ways to protect your rights and information:

  • Employees – we work purposefully to ensure knowledge, attitudes and awareness and through it reduce human vulnerability factors.
  • Technologically – we work to ensure that systems are robust to external cyber threats and to reduce vulnerabilities that arise through interaction with third parties and through employee use of the systems.
  • Organizational – we work to ensure that responsibility is placed, that risk management becomes part of Semac’s business, and that routines and guidelines for secure information management are developed.

Cookies on
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16 or younger
We are particularly concerned about protecting the privacy of children aged 16 or younger. If you are 16 or younger, please contact parents / guardians in advance before providing us with any personal information.

As stated initially, we may change these rules from time to time. Current laws and privacy practices change over time. Therefore, please keep up to date with our privacy policy to ensure that you are happy with any changes that have been made. By using our site, you agree to these rules.

Contact information for Semac
To contact Semac you can use the following information:

Alf Bjerckes vei 1
PB 34 Vollebekk 0516 Oslo

The telephone number of the Semac customer center is 23 89 76 15.

For the sake of your privacy, you should exercise caution as to what information you send to us by email.

Avarn Security Data Protection Offical
Avarn has a Data Protection Offical approved by the authorities. Semac is part of Avarn Security and uses the Data Protection Offical as a resource in relation to our work on privacy legislation.