Background check of candidates

Semac is a leading provider of background check. A background check is essentially an independent 3rd party verification of the information provided, as well as a review of a number of security checkpoints.

A background check of Semac can reveal everything from irregularities related to CV, education, skills and identity to a history of extremist speech, violations of criminal law, conflicts, reputation issues and substance abuse.

Background check increases the quality of the internal recruitment process, strengthens the employer’s reputation and helps to prevent the frivolous part of applicants.

We deliver a customized level of control that contains one or more of the points below. We also perform controls that are specifically adjusted to the individual customer. The contents of the control points are described in detail in presentations or an offer sent to the client.

  • Identity check
  • Address check
  • Credit check
  • Announcement check
  • Business interests
  • Bankruptcy quarantine
  • Work permit
  • Search in open sources
  • Specific source – and register search
  • Verification of employment
  • Document verification of education, certificates and courses
  • Reference check
  • Obtaining certificate of good conduct or clearance certificate
  • Obtaining a judgement in civil and criminal matters
  • Security interview
  • Identity verification and extended security interview with the candidate

Our services are provided through an encrypted web based solution that ensures a fast and user-friendly procedure.