Crisis – and emergency management

It’s not a question of what happens, but when it happens!

Adverse incidents is like dominoes. One incident triggers the next and the situation escalate into a crisis that may affect the entity unnecessarily. Often it is not the actual incident that affects hardest, it is the company’s inability to deal with it in a professional manner.

Semac supply crisis- and emergency solutions to public and private enterprises. We develope and implement holistic solutions which the customer operates alone or in cooperation with us. We have advisors with expertise and believe that crisis management must be adapted to the customer’s business and the level of ambition, and set in a simple and functional system that works the day you have to practice it.

Crisys_text (Semac Crisis Management System), is a web-system designed for crisis management and is adapted Semac their requirements for functionality and quality. The system can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones all over the world. In CriSys® you can make out activities with alerts, log, retrieve checklists, continuity plans, read documents, publish press releases and update your websites and social media among other services. CriSys® is a complete, simple and intuitive system for crisis management that requires little training, has a low cost and functionality that is easy to adapt to customer needs.

It’s safe for your business to use an external partner who has extensive experience from other companies and that have the necessary resources, tools and expertise. As a customer you can focus on your core business while having confidence that the company can handle accidents and emergencies in a professional manner.