CriSys – Semac Crisis Management System


Crisys_text is a complete, easy, web-based system for crisis management. The system requires little training, has a low cost and is easy to adapt to our customers’ requirements. CriSys® is designed to meet the primary needs of all levels in an organization, from strategic management to operational functions.

Access control makes it easy to provide the different levels of the organization the tools they need. A receptionist, security guard, teacher or store employee may need access only to alert and make use of checklists from their mobile phone, while the crisis group want to access more features.

The foundation for CriSys® is based on a well-established system that is in use in over 250 organizations in 40 countries worldwide. It was for example used during the tsunami in Asia in 2004, the Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the subway bombing in London in 2005, the Myanmar cyclone in 2008 and during the volcanic eruptions in Iceland that paralyzed large parts of the air traffic in the Nordic region in 2014.

Semac has in cooperation with our Swedish supplier tested and developed the system further and we are proud to deliver a quality system for crisis management to our domestic and international customers. Please contact us by email: to arrange a demonstration.

We have listed some of the most important tasks that CriSys® meets.

  • Alert
  • Google integration
  • SMS and email
  • Voice message
  • Conference call
  • Chat
  • Crisis website
  • Social media
  • Media log
  • Press releases
  • Publishing
  • Plans
  • Checklists
  • Log keeping
  • Event log
  • Tasks
  • Alarm/reminders
  • Status report
  • Distribution lists
  • Meetings
  • Next of kin managing
  • Activity alert
  • Document managing
  • Internal control
  • Mobile interface
  • Norwegian/English +
  • Flexible/scalable
  • Import/export
  • Høyt security level
  • No installation