Media Monitoring

Semac delivers solid monitoring solutions that are customized to each individual customer.

We use acknowledged open and license-based search engines, who daily search for conditions that the customer perceives as potential threats against the company. In addition to online search engines, we have case workers who evaluates the results for every search and alerts the customer with information that may be of interest. The department also performs logical search to uncover additional information related to the case.

We divide our searches into three main categories:

News: search intends to uncover security-related information in journalist based media like television channels, newspapers, magazines, debates etc.

Social media: search intends to uncover security-related information in social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, forums and other media.

Search in open sources: is composed of several different search engines and intends to capture general security-related information.

Media monitoring from Semac reveal threats against the company, individuals, products or services. Examples of conditions that can be identified are:

  • negative reputation
  • embezzlement
  • theft
  • drugs
  • bullying
  • violence
  • forgery