Security Analysis

A survey that provides a basis for decisions

A Security Analysis from Semac building principles in a traditional risk- and vulnerability analysis, as well NS583x series. In addition to the client’s knowledge and experience are Security Analysis from Semac a result of broad experience in security management from both public and private sectors, as well as the relevant skills from universities, police, army, NSM and DSB.

Security Analysis from Semac is coherent with development of crime in society in general and covers the need to provide a credible and solid basis for further decisions. It’s mainly built up by using two different methods; a Security Assessment and a Security Risk Analysis.

Security Assessment have a audit approach assessment of at least 220 custom security-related risk factors Semac reconciles against customer’s existing security level. This is done through a review of documentation, interviews and site inspection with tests. It is mainly used elements of a traditional risk- and vulnerability in which likelihood and consequences assessed against all risk factors. The Security Assessment highlights the company’s basic security level “as is” in percent of the recommended level.

Security Risk Analysis is a risk assessment of selected scenario (intentional events/crime) which poses a risk to defined values. The method used is based on the NS5832.

Discrepancies and recommended actions are produced visually in a joint report from the customer requirements. It should be prioritizing residual risk, prepared in three different levels: low, moderate and high risk.