Background Check

Background Check of Candidates

Semac is Norway’s leading supplier of background checks. A background check is to verify and search for information that may have an impact on the recruitment process. A background check from Semac can reveal everything from irregularities related to CV, experience, competence and education to a history of far-reaching statements, violations of the Criminal Code, conflicts and reputational issues.

Background checks increase the quality of the internal recruitment process, strengthen the employer’s reputation and act preventively on the applicants. Through the process, candidates are assured of objective and fair treatment.

In collaboration with the customer, Semac puts together one or more levels that are tailored to the customers needs. Each level contains one or more checkpoints:

  • Identity Check
  • Address Check
  • Credit Check
  • Announcements and Business Interests
  • Bankruptcy quarantine
  • Work Permit
  • Search in open sources
  • Global watchlists
  • Verification of employment
  • Verification of education, certificates and courses
  • Security-related reference checks
  • Digital reference check
  • Obtaining criminal record or security clearance
  • Obtain transcripts from civil or criminal cases

Employment Security

Semac provides services to accommodate the guide from the Norwegian authorities. We put together a customized program that takes care of background checks before and during the working relationship, safety-related onboarding, audits, safety interviews, investigations and settlement of working conditions.
Visit the Norwegian «Sikkerhet ved ansettelsesforhold».

Business Background Check

Business background checks increase the quality of the internal work to find the right supplier / subcontractor, strengthen the customer’s reputation and act preventively on the frivolous part of the business community.

Semac today has integrations with:

Talent Recruiter