Digital Reference check

Digital Reference check of candidates

Semac aims to become the leading supplier of digital reference check in Norway.

Digital reference checks by Semac can either be provided as a separate service or in combination with other checkpoints of a background check. What makes Semac’s digital reference check unique is that the application itself contains a number of smart functions, making it easier to select the right candidate. Semac is focused on ensuring an efficient, simplified and, above all, a highly secure recruitment process.

Facts about digital reference check by Semac:

  • Can be provided as a separate service
  • Can be used as a separate checkpoint of a background check
  • Automated GDPR and security monitoring
  • Seamless integration with Semac background checking
  • Administer your own questionnaires
  • ID checks
  • Security checks of IP addresses
  • Screening functions for reference statements

Semac currently has integrations with:

Talent Recruiter