Emergency and Crisis Services

Emergency and Crisis Management 24/7

Semac has a 24-hour emergency response center with security and emergency advisers on duty to provide time-critical support in the event of serious crises. Semac becomes a part of our customers crisis management group and the customers response capacity is enhanced through professional advice, resources and equipment.

Courses and Exercises

Semac delivers emergency exercises tailored to the customer’s needs and ambition, from effective action and alert exercises to desktop and simulation exercises. We also conduct major interaction exercises with emergency agencies and others involved. The exercise goals are defined in consultation with the customer to achieve desired outcome.

Other courses available:

  • Basic Crisis Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Substance abuse in the workplace
  • Conflict- and situation handling

Emergency Plan

Semac develop and implement emergency plans to give your organization the best possible starting point for handling an emergency situation.

Crisis Support Tools

Semac has extensive experience in using and adapting various types of electronic crisis support tools. For us it is important that the tool can be used on both mobile phone, tablet and PC and that we can adapt the system to the organization / customer who will use it. Costs, training requirements and user interface must be in line with the customer’s  security level. Therefore, Semac collaborates with suppliers of several types of electronic emergency support tools. Core features handles the needs such as notification, logging, access to checklists and schedules in an App. But can easily be escalated up to complete and seamless systems to meet complex needs and crisis management in larger organizations. Together with our suppliers, we have crisis support tools for every need.