Security Managament

Security Manager

Semac has security and emergency managers at full and part-time positions for our customers at all times. Delivery is customized to customer needs.

Security and Risk analyzes

Semac identifies the customer’s need for basic security levels, which form the basis for deciding on the choice of security strategy and measures.

All analyzes and mapping provided by Semac are based on NS5814 (ROS) and NS583x series (security risk analysis). The method emphasizes the customer’s own experiences and knowledge.

Security Strategy and Management Document

Semac arranges security plans to meet each customer’s need for securing their values. A basic security level consists of the right amount of organizational, technological and human security measures.

Advice and Investigation

Semac offers counseling and investigation in cases that among other include internal breach of duty, conflicts, threats, violence, substance abuse, sabotage, economical gain and corruption.

Security Audit and Documentation

Semac can develop, implement and document a security audit adapted to the company’s level of security. If a satisfactory security level is achieved, you will receive a Semac Certificate ™.