Special Operations

Personal Protection

Semac has the approval of the Police to provide personal protection throughout Norway. Our protection program safeguards the life and health of the threatened person and immediate family. The service is delivered 24/7 and adapted to the threat level.


Notification to an external and professional partner strengthens the company’s routines for whistleblowing. Semac ensures a neutral handling of any kind of whistleblowing and the identity of the whistleblower can be kept anonymous. All cases are registered, documented and processed in accordance with current legislation.

Security Penetration Tests

Semac takes on the role of threat actor and enters protected areas using non-traditional methods and tools. The report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the basic security level, as well as increases the employees’ security awareness.

Special Operations

Semac can provide Security Management for critical values and other situations that require executive and exceptional level of protection.